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Project Looking Glass Adaptive Intelligence.

Project Looking Glass is an Adaptive Intelligence Environment which implements various artificial intelligence engines and machine learning to solve complex problems.

Finger on the Map

Our Mission

Aedan Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology organization specializing in the design, development, and deployment of advanced AI-driven solutions for critical security and defense sectors. Our core areas of expertise include AI drone defense systems and weaponry, global cybersecurity and counter-surveillance, and intelligence contracting services.

At Aedan Intelligence, our mission is to empower governments, defense organizations, and private enterprises with the most innovative and effective tools to safeguard their assets, infrastructure, and sensitive information. We strive to provide our clients with unparalleled security, ensuring a stable and secure global landscape.

Comprised of Government Intelligence, Cyber Defense and various Scientific backgrounds, we are an effective team.

Aedan Looking Glass is an Intelligence & Scientific Research Company for Government and Private Sectors under the direction and management of "Cleared" individuals. Ai's focus is in Advanced Aerial Defense Systems, Intelligence Contracting, Neuroscience, Mental Health Programs, Adaptive Energy Systems, and Secured Operating Platforms.

Intelligence Drone Warfare

Advanced AI Drone Defense Systems and Weaponry: Our team of experts crafts state-of-the-art drone defense systems, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and autonomous technology. We develop tailored solutions to protect critical assets from drone threats, equipping our clients with the most advanced weaponry to neutralize hostile airborne systems.

Jason Ellis

Special Projects

Dawnte Bailey

COO & Director of Government Contracts / ALG Intelligence

Andreas Zill

Deputy Chief Scientist & Board Member / ALG Scientific

Eric FitzGerald V

Chief Scientist  

Gary Griffes

Managing Director / ALG Intelligence

Kurt Huwig

Scientist  / ALG Scientific

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