Explore the New Age of Adaptive Intelligence.

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Disintegrating Sphere

Adaptive Intelligence & Machine-Learning Integrated With Your iOT Ecosystem

Adaptive intelligence is the implementation of Artificial intelligence and Machine-Learning within a quantum computing space which learns from the user's neural responses.

Decentralized Internet & Quantum Cloud Computing

Imagine every operating system, gaming console, and application accessible securely from any internet connected device with unlimited computation power in your own private and secure cloud space? This isn't just the cloud. This is The Remotely Emulated Application Cloud Host on Blockchain. US copyright: TXu001999995 / 2015-12-21

Adaptive Intelligence Data Science 

Project Aedan Looking Glass US Copyright: TXu002352850 / 2023-01-01

Aedan [safe] Mobile Security  Application

Aedan [safe] is the world’s first mobile security application powered by artificial intelligence. Aedan detects known and unknown threats and prevents application hijacking. US Copyright: TX0009215856 / 2023-01-01


Built on wireless EEG technology, AedanOS Neural Instruction Interface; No. 2 is a Dashboard which allows users to control devices using thought. This platform may also be used for forensics & neuroscience. US Copyright: TXu002352618 / 2023-01-01

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