ntelligence & Scientific Research

Collaboration of Scientific research and innovation.


Aedan Looking Glass is an Intelligence & Scientific Research Company for Government and Private Sectors under the direction and managemnt of "Cleared" individuals. ALG's focus is in Intelligence Contracting, Adaptive Energy Systems, and Secured Operating Platforms.

MEET  Aedan Looking Glass Inc

The Team  2022

Comprised of Government Intelligence, Cyber Defense and various Scientific backgrounds, we are an effective team.

Virgil Basa

CTO & Special Projects Director

Chris Ross

COO & CTO / ALG Intelligence

Andreas Zill

Chief Scientist / ALG Scientific

Chris Cheney

Scientist  / ALG Scientific

Michael Batchelor

CEO / ALG Intelligence

Larry Serrano

President & CO-FOUNDER / ALG

Gary Griffes

Managing Director  / ALG

Russell Ward

Investor Relations / ALG