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Securing the future of global fiat and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Aedan Financial Corp is the world’s first Crypto Exchange Reserve which insures the value of qualified cryptocurrencies and provides funding, research and development of bullish Innovations.

Company Profile

COMPANY: Aedan Financial Corp
SECTOR: Financials
INDUSTRY: Speciality Finance
UB-INDUSTRY: Other Financial Services

Board Members

Chief Executive Officer:  Eric Fitzgerald

Key Executives

Chief Financial Officer :  Sammy Yu
Gary Griffes :  Chief Information Officer
Brian Hettrick :  Chief Compliance Officer
Victor Citron :  Secretary of the Company
Neil Cresswell :  Chief Cloud Architect
Guy Conner :  Chief Data Center Architect
Nicholas Alaniz :  Chief technology Officer
Dawnte Bailey :  Chief of Security

Aedan Financial Corp provides financial services. The Company offers cryptocurrency exchange and reserves. Aedan Financial develops crypto products such as crypto certificates of deposit, commerce, money market, and value loss insurance.